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Standards for using epic are so low, even awesome is embarrassed.
The back story on lssus popular list began on Jan.
Internet fallouts and opinions delivered in caps-lock are not.
Its a no-fail list that youll be facebooking and googling with your BFFs.Now theres bffa (Best Friends For Awhile which makes more sense.Whether it is someone tripping, a car accident, a costumed character scaring the living daylights out a kid, or just a poor choice in fashion, these people drive me crazy thinking that anything that is a mistake is a fail.No one in Washington can pontificate for more than two sentences without using.1, 1976, when former lssu Public Relations Director Bill Rabe and a group of friends each contributed a few expressions that they disliked to form stygga vuxna halloween kostymer the first list.Do we really need a qualifier at the end of every sentence?
Its full of epic a-ha moments that are sure to viral.
Fail, one nominator says, what originally may have been a term for a stockbrokers default is now abused by todays youth as virtually any kind of failure.
Wants to banish what he called Sarah Palin-isms: Lets refudiate them on the double!
(Now doesnt that just sound silly?).
This may be the root of this sex för gratis berlin epic problem, but kvinnor möts i Polen it seems as if during the past two years, any idea that was not successful was considered an epic-fail.Events this week: See 'The Watermelon Woman hear from a Holocaust survivor and more.But words and phrases related to technology and the way we communicate dominated the list for 2011, including viral, epic, fail, and the use of websites Facebook and Google as verbs.Mel., Dallas, Tex.Deb Faust, Sault Ste.Dan Muldoon, Omaha, Neb.Mama grizzlies Unless you are referring to a scientific study of Ursus arctos horribilis, this analogy of right-wing female politicians should rest in peace.Anything that this word describes in popular over-usage is rarely ever epic in the traditional sense of being heroic, majestic, or just plain awe-inspiring.Viral, often used to describe the spreading of items on the Internet.e.Sylvia Hall, Williamsport, Penn.The phrase makes me gag.Epic, more than one nominator says the use of epic has become an epic annoyance.Looking for something to do this week?